His art examines how colors and forms impact the human psyche, creating an aesthetic experience that engages both the sight and the soul. His huge paintings convey profound spirituality and the depth of emotions through a cosmogony of planetarian landscapes and reflexions, creating an illusionist multi-versal space.“As my thoughts are mostly multi-thoughts and as my feelings are multi-feelings, I allow my visions being changeable and flexible. So as well is my artistic work.My inspirations are the very present in all its aspects. The interaction with the materials. The pigments, oil, the smells, the feelings, the steps of time, the thoughts, the fears, joy and love. The location is the universe, the studio, the table , the wall , whatever.

Obviously in an inconscient way, my work has been inspired as well by the old masters of the last centuries, by renowned artists I could meet in person. By the plenty of emerging and more recognized artists I am meeting with frequency and above all by the small things of everyday life.”“Often my work is not finished but the representation of a certain moment of being that has a past and always an uncertain future. It is an archived sign of being that can be shared at any time and often get new meanings in function of the interpreter. Sometimes I even finish works I made many year ago.I consider an artwork as a kind of frame for the perception with enough compositions of visual ingredients, that provokes experiences in other people and for all in a different way. I live my work as a journey and my way of working as a steering wheel through an uncertain world full of surprises and discoveries”



Karel Stoop has been born (1951) in the south of The Netherlands in a numerous artistic family, which made that he was introduced to painting already at a very young age.

He had an academic art education in The Netherlands and studied multimedia at the university in Barcelona. He made plenty of journeys to Asia, Middle East, North Africa, USA and all over Europe. He lived periods in Amsterdam, Ibiza and Barcelona and made exhibitions all over. His works can be found in private collections and some museums. Actually he lives and works in the city Manresa / Barcelona

His work is represented by the Matilde Tamayo Foundation in Barcelona and by the italian art galleries Hell Heaven (Rome – Miami) , Opera Ottava ( Veneto) and art gallery Singulart ( Paris)